Message of the Principal

Principal message

Nursing is one of the most respectful and demanding profession around the world. We started our journey in the field of Nursing profession with a brand name­ “National College of Nursing (NCN)” in 2016 that aims to provide research based knowledge along with standard patient care. Which will capable the student nurses to utilize their knowledge and skills for the betterment of public health. Nurses have an important role in the health care delivery system as they are involved in direct patient care every second. We strongly believe that the nursing students are accountable and responsible for best nursing practice thus NCN faculties are more paying attention to trained our students professionally which will make them to,
  • Accept nursing profession by heart.
  • Be dedicating to nursing profession.
  • Be devoted towards patient care.
  • Be competent in nursing care
I welcome all those new students who are curious to make the future in Nursing profession from the platform of National College of Nursing.

Thank you

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