Message of the Principal

Principal message

Nursing is one of the most respectful and demanding profession around the world. We started our journey in the field of Nursing profession with a brand name­ “National College of Nursing (NCN)” in 2016 that aims to provide research based knowledge along with standard patient care. Which will capable the student nurses to utilize their knowledge and skills for the betterment of public health.

Nurses have an important role in the health care delivery system as they are involved in direct patient care every second. We strongly believe that the nursing students are accountable and responsible for best nursing practice thus NCN faculties are more paying attention to trained our students professionally which will make them to,

  • Accept nursing profession by heart.
  • Be dedicating to nursing profession.
  • Be devoted towards patient care.
  • Be competent in nursing care

I welcome all those new students who are curious to make the future in Nursing profession from the platform of National College of Nursing.

Thank you

Message of the Director

Message of the Director:

I welcome you to the National College of Nursing (NCN) and wish you success in all your mission.
. As nursing education is a key to development of excellence in nursing practice. National College of Nursing (NCN) will make our sincere effort to upgrade the students at best level and prove this, that nursing profession is the Nobel Profession.
Nursing is one of the most honorable and respectable profession I modern health care. But is also one of the most challenging. Yes its not easy being a good nurse. To be a great Nurse, you must not only have to be very well qualified professionally but also nave the right positive attitude.
Nursing is a high rated profession National /Internationally. It is an expending, highly rewarding profession offering a wealth of opportunities. While serving the society, a secure professional Future is reasonably guaranteed with the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.
The profession of Nursing plays a vital role in the delivery of multi disciplinary health care services. It is the building of the career of the students and we on behalf of National College of Nursing (NCN) continue to would the career of the student with all basic concepts, skills and techniques.
May Allah the Almighty guide us in our endeavors and bless us with success in our mission.

CEO Message

Message of the CEO:

National Group of Professional colleges (NGPC) has been established in 2016 in the field of Nursing National College of Nursing  (NCN) which has been given the constituent status by Riphah International   University Islamabad in 2017. In order to produce competent professionals, having strong academic background, eager and able to meet the challenges offered by the present society in the modern times, the first step towards achieving this objective is to ensure merit based admissions.

The National Group of Professional Colleges (NGPC) located in close vicinity Charbagh Swat Valley aims to fulfill the needs of the people in the region seeking quality medical education and health services. With excellent facilities and a faculty comprising highly educated and experienced health professionals and teachers, the (NGPC), has the objective of producing efficient and competent health professionals capable of providing quality healthcare to the people and adding to the body of scientific knowledge in the field of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.


National Group of Professional Colleges (NGPC) has been custom built by a team of highly skilled and motivated professionals who have left no stone unturned in ensuring that the infrastructure and equipment are of highest standard meeting national and international Standards. I and my very able team of professionals and technical staff have had the privilege of witnessing and assisting the completion of the (NGPC) and we, along with the management, made sure that all academic and other needs of the students and the faculty are taken care of.

Our strategic focus is on preparing future and advanced health professionals who improve health and access to care. We will work together to address health care needs through innovative healthcare delivery models and partnerships, and conduct impactful research that improves health and quality of life for diverse individuals, families and communities.

This National Group of Professional Colleges (NGPC) will provide a focus and structure to ensure the Nursing and Allied Health professionals produce well-rounded graduates equipped with the skills and knowledge to enable them to work within, to shape and to lead 21st century healthcare systems.

We hope to accomplish our mission by hard work, dedication to NGPC family members and faith in Almighty Allah.


Notification For NCN Regular Students


Dear NCN Students,

Due to Corona pendamic, last couple of weeks have been disturbing for all of us. We hope that all of you & your families are safe. As you know that Govt of Pakistan and Govt of KP suspended all the educational activities for 15 days, then the time was extended to 31may 2020.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Commission directed all the institutions to start #Online classes.

Today we called an important meeting to discuss the issue and we reached to the point to start #Online classes, in addition few more ideas were also discussed to resume our academic activities.

#Online classes is not the only option left, we’ve explored few more ideas, the #BEST idea shall be finalised after successful concensus with all of you.

For this purpose, we’ve developed #Three different whatsapp groups for all 3 batches. Please contact;
Faisal Iqbal
Aftab Khan

Students of 1st batch

Imdad Ullah
Aftab ahmad
Irfan Ali

Students of 2nd batch

Sajid Khan
Student of 3rd batch

To ADD U to the #GROUP

Please join the group ASAP, so we may take a decision without wasting a minute.
Thank you

COVID-19 Guidelines

Home Quarantine during COVID 19 Out-break


To provide general public, public health workers & health care providers the guidelines regarding
home quarantine of contacts of a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19.
Start of home quarantine is an attempt to involve the community in implementing public health
measures to limit the spread of a disease that has the potential to overwhelm the available resources.
A person is considered as a contact if he or she:
• Had a direct physical touch with, or with the body fluids of, someone with confirmed or
suspected COVID-19 disease.
• Has shared a space with someone with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 disease for more
than 15 minutes.
• Has cared for a patient with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 disease, without using the
recommended personal protective equipment.
In home quarantine, a contact is segregated in his home with restricted movement and interaction with
other members of family and general public for a period of 14 days. The quarantine will end if the
suspected case, whom the quarantined person had come in contact, or shared a space with, turns out
negative on laboratory testing or as decided by the health authorities.


• The quarantined person should stay segregated in a separate room if possible, or observe
social distancing of at least 1 meter from people living in the same house.
• The quarantined person should preferably take the food in the same room and should not
share the washroom with others.
• Use separate dishes, drinking glasses, cups, eating utensils, towels, bedding, and other
items for the quarantined person.
• Clean the door knobs, bathroom utensils and taps with soap and water.
• Wash food utensils, clothes and bed linen with soap and water.
• Monitor body temperature with a thermometer, twice a day.
• Communication link with a healthcare worker should be established for the duration of
the quarantine period. Appearance of any of the symptoms of COVID-19 must
immediately be reported.

• Quarantined person and household members should be counseled, educated and sensitized about
the importance of quarantine. The guidelines for hand sanitization and cleaning and disinfection
of environmental surface should be understood and observed by all members of the household.
• If the person in quarantine is a housewife, she should avoid preparing, cooking and
serving food to other members of the family.
• Minimize visitors to the household. The quarantined person should not interact with the visitors.
• Dispose off home garbage in closed bags at garbage collection points.

Skills Lab


The goal of the clinical skills work is to produce a secure learning expertise that promotes made understanding all told aspects of health care.

The CSL school and administration square measure here to form the coed’s clinical expertise instructional and enlightening and to serve within the best interest of the student. Simulations and case situations square measure designed to assist the coed develop problem-solving and decision- creating skills. The CSL can arrange to embody all environmental factors to form the students’ learning expertise realistic and authentic. For increased learning, all students square measure expected to return to the work ready. the school can give students with regeneration and report of their performance, whereas students can self-analyze their performance and use important thinking throughout the reflection method

The following pointers maintain safety whereas victimization the CSL. it’s expected that each one concerned in school rooms, clinical skills and simulation activities can adhere to those pointers. The Simulation arranger can update the contents of this manual pro re data. All students, employees and college are going to be suggested of those revisions.

The CSL is found within the school building. The CSL simulates a hospital setting that’s absolutely equipped to observe all clinical skills. the middle has 3 hi-fi Mannequins; besides that we’ve a spread of various simulators. The list is connected.


The CSL schedule are going to be denote by the school. you’ll read the centers schedule on the NCN web site. Students needing further observe within the Sim work, could sign on for “open lab” dates and times counseled by the teacher. Any student desire to makeup days within the CSL Center should give notice their pedagogue 1st, World Health Organization can then contact the work arranger. The Sim Center isn’t meant to be used as a replacement for any clinical rotation.

1 Adult BLS Mannequin Basic 3
2 Adult BLS Mannequin Advance 1
3 Infant BLS CPR Mannequin Basic 1
4 Infant BLS CPR Mannequin Advance 1
5 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Trainer 2
6 Adult ACLS Mannequin 1
7 Cardiac Pulmonary Simulator (Harvey) 1
1 Intra Muscular injection Simulator 2
2 IV Arm Simulator 3
3 Catheterization Male and Female 2
1 Central venous cannulation 3
2 Tracheostomy 1
3 NG Intubation 1
4 Casualty simulation kit 1
5 Epidural and Spinal injection Trainer 1
6 Adult abdominal Examination trainer 2
1 Suturing & Stapling practice 2
2 Bandaging Simulator 2
3 Suture Practice Arm 1
4 Prostate Examination Trainer 1
5 Rectal Examination Trainer 1
6 Enema Administration 1
7 Breast Examination simulator 2
1 Gynae Examination trainer 1
1 Ear Examination Simulator 1
1 Eye Examination simulator 2