1. How do I complete the application process?

Applicant should complete the online application form and submit the application fee. Applicant can pay the fee in all branches of designated banks.

2. What documents do I need to complete the process and where do I send them?

Applicants are required to submit the application form online, upload scanned copies of documents, and pay application fee to the bank.

3. How can I pay the application fee?

The applicant will be able to print a bank voucher and can pay the fee in cash in any of the branches of the designated banks or via Easy Paisa.

4. How do I make changes in my application form after it has been submitted?

Once the application has been submitted no changes can be made. Therefore, double-check information before  form submission.

5. How I will know if my application payment has been received?

As soon as the admission receive your fee payment, an email and SMS will be sent to applicant for confirmation.

6. How to resolve submission error such as “Application form is incomplete”.

Click on the relevant tab and complete areas that are left blank. Click save and go back to final submission.

7. Is there any need to submit hard copies of documents?

In case of failure of submission of scanned copies of your documents, for verification purposes applicant is required to provide hard copies of all documents to Admission office. Documents can be submitted by hands to the Admission office. Original documents are also required for verification at the time of interview.  

8. How to upload a screenshot of voucher via WhatsApp?

After filling a voucher and fee submission successfully, take a screenshot and upload it to the given WhatsApp number (0343-0988929). 

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