The admission committee is composed of five  Faculty representatives, holding the following positions:
  • Principal
  • Vice Principal
  • Nursing Program Coordinator
  • Administrator
  • Finance Officer
  • President
  • Vice President 
  • Member
  • Member
  • Member
Roles and Responsibilities :
  • The Committee serves as a liaison between the faculty & the Offices of the Admission /Administrator & Managing Director of the College.
  • The committee will arrange Entry test for all the candidates who wish to take admission in the  College program, and who has submitted the complete application form.
  • It advises the vice president and Director of Admissions on guidelines for prospective students recruitment activities on and off campus ,including campus tours & promotional materials, as well as admission criteria.
  • The full committee will meet throughout the academic year according to a schedule mutually agreed upon by the committee president and the vice president.
  • In addition , the five faculty members should meet separately needed  to formulate points for discussion by the committee & to discuss matters of specific interest related to admissions or financial aid.
  • The committee will scrutinize the documents of the students for admission.
  • The committee will strictly adhere to the admission criteria of the college and Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).
  • The decision of the admission/selection committee will be final.
  • The committee is not bound to give explanation to a student who is refused for admission to the National College of Nursing (NCN) Swat.

The National College of Nursing (NCN) Swat is a Private Institute committed to excellence in teaching and service that enhances the health and wellbeing of the people of Swat and Pakistan at large and Community as a whole. NCN is dedicated to enhancing respect for the nursing profession and raising the standard of nursing practice in the region and the country as a whole.

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