Message of the Director

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Message of the Director:

I welcome you to the National College of Nursing (NCN) and wish you success in all your mission. As nursing education is a key to development of excellence in nursing practice. National College of Nursing (NCN) will make our sincere effort to upgrade the students at best level and prove this, that nursing profession is the Nobel Profession.

Nursing is one of the most honorable and respectable profession I modern health care. But is also one of the most challenging. Yes its not easy being a good nurse. To be a great Nurse, you must not only have to be very well qualified professionally but also nave the right positive attitude.

Nursing is a high rated profession National /Internationally. It is an expending, highly rewarding profession offering a wealth of opportunities. While serving the society, a secure professional Future is reasonably guaranteed with the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

The profession of Nursing plays a vital role in the delivery of multi disciplinary health care services. It is the building of the career of the students and we on behalf of National College of Nursing (NCN) continue to would the career of the student with all basic concepts, skills and techniques.

May Allah the Almighty guide us in our endeavors and bless us with success in our mission.

Thank You


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