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The goal of the clinical skills work is to produce a secure learning expertise that promotes made understanding all told aspects of health care.

The CSL school and administration square measure here to form the coed’s clinical expertise instructional and enlightening and to serve within the best interest of the student. Simulations and case situations square measure designed to assist the coed develop problem-solving and decision- creating skills. The CSL can arrange to embody all environmental factors to form the students’ learning expertise realistic and authentic. For increased learning, all students square measure expected to return to the work ready. the school can give students with regeneration and report of their performance, whereas students can self-analyze their performance and use important thinking throughout the reflection method

The following pointers maintain safety whereas victimization the CSL. it’s expected that each one concerned in school rooms, clinical skills and simulation activities can adhere to those pointers. The Simulation arranger can update the contents of this manual pro re data. All students, employees and college are going to be suggested of those revisions.

The CSL is found within the school building. The CSL simulates a hospital setting that’s absolutely equipped to observe all clinical skills. the middle has 3 hi-fi Mannequins; besides that we’ve a spread of various simulators. The list is connected.

The CSL schedule are going to be denote by the school. you’ll read the centers schedule on the NCN web site. Students needing further observe within the Sim work, could sign on for “open lab” dates and times counseled by the teacher. Any student desire to makeup days within the CSL Center should give notice their pedagogue 1st, World Health Organization can then contact the work arranger. The Sim Center isn’t meant to be used as a replacement for any clinical rotation.

1 Adult BLS Mannequin Basic 3
2 Adult BLS Mannequin Advance 1
3 Infant BLS CPR Mannequin Basic 1
4 Infant BLS CPR Mannequin Advance 1
5 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Trainer 2
6 Adult ACLS Mannequin 1
7 Cardiac Pulmonary Simulator (Harvey) 1
1 Intra Muscular injection Simulator 2
2 IV Arm Simulator 3
3 Catheterization Male and Female 2
1 Central venous cannulation 3
2 Tracheostomy 1
3 NG Intubation 1
4 Casualty simulation kit 1
5 Epidural and Spinal injection Trainer 1
6 Adult abdominal Examination trainer 2
1 Suturing & Stapling practice 2
2 Bandaging Simulator 2
3 Suture Practice Arm 1
4 Prostate Examination Trainer 1
5 Rectal Examination Trainer 1
6 Enema Administration 1
7 Breast Examination simulator 2
1 Gynae Examination trainer 1
1 Ear Examination Simulator 1
1 Eye Examination simulator 2


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