Applicant aspiring to join studies at National College of Nursing (NCN) Swat are advised to read the eligibility criteria for application carefully and apply early without waiting for the last date.

Admission to NCN is always competitive and well contested and applicants will be better advised to prepare for the admission process seriously and with commitment.

Online applications without application fee will not be entertained. The application fee covers cost of processing entrance test and interviews. The applicants can pay the fee in prescribed banks. (Application fee is non-refundable).


Admission in NATIONAL COLLEGE OF NURSING (NCN) will be provisional. Any candidate, whose particulars, certificates or any other documents submitted with admission form found to be incorrect or fake after the verification from the respective examination board, will be struck off from respective college. Adding more, admission can be cancelled in above mentioned circumstances even if the candidate has been admitted.

No show cause notice will be necessarily required for any action under this rule of admission. The candidate who fails to report for an interview prerequisite for admission on the prescribed date shall be considered to have forfeited his /her chance of admission in the respective discipline.

If any student during his/her studies at NCN does not follow college rules or violates disciplinary rules, will be liable to expelled from the respective college. All cases of expulsion will be processed by the Administrator/Principle after recommendations by the respective disciplinary committee and will be forwarded to the MD for final line of action.


The information provide here about the admission process of NATIONAL COLLEGE OF NURSING (NCN) should not be taken as binding on the Institute. Information contained herein, including admission procedure, admission criteria, examination, regulation, fee and dues etc., is periodically reviewed and revised by the statutory bodies /councils/forums; and the authority has the rights to change any rules regulation and financial effects applicable to students whenever it is deemed appropriate or necessary.

The National College of Nursing (NCN) Swat is a Private Institute committed to excellence in teaching and service that enhances the health and wellbeing of the people of Swat and Pakistan at large and Community as a whole. NCN is dedicated to enhancing respect for the nursing profession and raising the standard of nursing practice in the region and the country as a whole.

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