Academic Calendar

National College of Nursing (NCN) Swat

Academic Calendar

Spring -2021
Serial No:DescriptionsWeeksSpring-2021
1Advertisement Approval
2Admission Announcement
3Last date of Application Submission
4Commencement of Classes01February 15,2021
5Mid-term Examination9thApril 12,2021 To
April 17,2021
6Attendance / Mid-Term grades/
13thMay 10, 2021
7Proposed Date-Sheets14thJune 07,2021
8Submission of Question Papers to
14thJune 07,2021
9Notification of Final Date-Sheet15thJune 14,2021
10End-term Examination16thJune 21,2021 To June
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The National College of Nursing (NCN) Swat is a Private Institute committed to excellence in teaching and service that enhances the health and wellbeing of the people of Swat and Pakistan at large and Community as a whole. NCN is dedicated to enhancing respect for the nursing profession and raising the standard of nursing practice in the region and the country as a whole.

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